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Why make the switch to Utility Profit from Citizen Home Solutions

Darius Salehipour
May 23, 2024
"We currently utilize Citizen Home Solutions for our utility concierge. What would be the benefits of potentially switching to your service?"

Make The Switch Introduction 

We are well-acquainted with their services and have observed a significant number of groups transitioning to our platform. Citizen primarily operates through a call center model, which unfortunately does not provide the technological infrastructure needed for optimal service visibility. This lack of transparency can lead to complications during the setup process, particularly on move-in day. Moreover, Citizen's support hours are limited to a 2-hour window from Monday to Friday, excluding evenings and weekends, making it inconvenient for many renters to engage. This results in a fragmented experience, as services are managed by third parties. These factors lead to lower conversion rates and negatively affect your revenue.

How does Citizen Home Solutions work?

Citizen employs a call center that reaches out to your tenants. There is no technology built into the process. Renters often feel confused and uncomfortable as they feel a third party is selling to them. The Citizen’s team then calls the utility companies and processes the order on the renter's behalf, but having a middleman in the process often creates issues. 

What are some problems property managers have with Citizen Homes? 

  1. Contracts! We've heard from a number of customers CHS is having their customers sign contracts.
  2. Citizen represents themselves. It feels like a 3rd party in the move in process, so it appears more disjointed to the renter.
  3. They take a long time. Everything is done with people and a call team. Often move-ins are 5-7 days after a signed lease.
  4. Renters can't book a time to talk with Citizen on nights or weekends, the times renters are trying to get their move handled. They offer 2 hour call blocks with Calendly at inconvenient times.
  5. Issues outside major metros. Citizen's database is not incredibly built out for sub markets, so they get the utility information incorrect.
  6. Citizen books the utilities on behalf of the renter, but because of some of the information utility providers require, it gets done incorrectly.

How does Utility Profit work?

Utility Profit has mapped a database of all the internet, electric, gas, and water providers in the United States. We can look up an address and then see the available options. We enable you to share a genric link with tenants that displays all of the available utilities for their home.  Renters must sign up for the services independently and provide their confirmation numbers. All of this real time data is displayed on your dashboard.

What will be better for my tenants if I switch to Utility Profit?

  1. Utility Profit is self-service and saves the tenants time and effort. They don't need to get on a phone call and can set things up at a time that's best for them.

What will be better for my company if I switch to Utility Profit?

  1. You’ll have higher conversion rates, meaning more renters will complete the process successfully. This is because the link is white-labeled for your company, making it a natural extension of your move-in process. 
  2. You’ll earn more money on each move-in. 
  3. You’ll have peace of mind that the service was turned on, so you can see the statuses in real-time. 

What do I need to do to switch to Utility Profit? 

  1. Notify Second Nature that you’d like to turn off your package.
  2. Sign up for Utility Profit. We’ll generate a generic link that you can use for all of your moves. You can use this link for the move-in emails you send tenants. 

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