How does Utility Profit Work?

All services including internet, gas, trash, water, etc

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How it works

Utility Profit automatically captures the homes you have for rent. Our tool empowers renters to set up water, gas, electricity and internet.

turning on the utilities for a house
status of connecting the utilities for a home
$175 profit payout

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Property Managers get more than just profits

1. Get time back answering calls from tenants asking about utilities. Simply provide a link and it's taken care of.

2. Receive a well designed, branded utility website experience for tenants. Renters are guided through the set up process.

3. Ensure utilities are set up on time. Track everything using our simple dashboard.

You're paid for certain services renters set up like internet and some utilities.

Transparent Reporting

See the real time status of everything going on including account numbers and activation dates.
See utility profits dashboard and view of what internet and utility companies have been connected

Seamless integration with your Property Management tools

no long term contracts or cancelation fees
No contracts or long term commitments

No contract needed!

Use Utility Profit because you like it, not because you're forced to use it! Unlike other companies, we don't lock you in with a contract.  
dashboard of utility profit

Totally FREE

The tool is completely free for you to use. How's that possible? When renters activate services like internet and electricity for their rental home, your company earns extra revenue!

Make profits without having to do extra work!

Frequently Asked Questions

Feeling unsure? These might help!
What utility services does this service cover?

Internet, water, electricity, and gas will all be handled. Will will show all of the available services for your region.

Utility Profit works with all of the local utility providers in your market. Additionally, we have partnerships with all of the major telecommunications internet providers, ISPs.This means you can rest assured, you'll be able to earn revenues and it'll work in your area.

What does it look like for the renter?

After renters are approved, you'll share a link to set up their utilities. Renters will select their address, then they'll see what options are available. Renters will set up services on their own and provide confirmation numbers.

Can you tell us more about how this will work on our end? Will there be any visibility on how many applicants use the service?

Your portal will show an overview of all of the properties connected with Utility Profit. You'll see a check mark if utilities at a property have been completed or a clock if the utilities are still being completed by the renter. You can click into the address to see the confirmation numbers and when the services were set up. Lastly you can see the date the services will go live at the property.

Will the account confirmations be communicated to us?

You have real-time status of which utilities have been set up and the tenants' confirmation numbers.

What states does this work in?

This works across the entire United States.

What utility companies do you work with?

We'll show all of the potential options that are available to the tenants. We do not limit utility options, based on who is paying revenues.

How will the payments to me as the partner work?

We pay quarterly. Partners will receive a payout for each move-in where the renter has elected to use a paid service provider. The payout will vary depending on location and renter preferences but averages $50.

How will I be paid?

We run payouts through our auto pay using your account number and routing number. You'll be invited to connect your account when you're ready to start getting paid. If you're already connected in Routable, you will not need to do this step again.

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